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When and Where
  • 9/29/2020 8:30 AM EDT
  • 9/29/2020 5:00 PM EDT
  • RTCA, Inc.
  • 1150 18th Street NW
  • Ste 910
  • Washington
  • District of Columbia
RTCA has teamed up with MANNARINO Systems &Software Inc. to offer high quality training for the aviation industry in understanding software aspects of certification specifically targeted for DO-297, Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA) Development Guidance and Certification Considerations.

This course provides the fundamentals for developing and integrating IMA systems, using DO-297 and applicable Advisory Circular material. It presents the definition, tasks and role of each party in the context of component integration, from the platform level to the application, system and aircraft perspective. It presents the approval aspects of the platform in isolation and in conjunction with multiple software applications. it discusses the use of ARINC 653 in IMA systems and as well the system aspects of SAE ARP 4754A in IMA systems.